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House wives and empty life

as i read through Facebook groups , sometimes i come across some posts that make my blood boil

the amount of emptiness in some people’s life is gianourmos… especially house wives!

all they think of is cooking , house chores , and how to spend your time in a meaningless chatter just yapping about other people…

why just don’t you stay in your home and nurture your brain!

do something that will benefit your mind!

teach your children something useful..

being a married woman doesn’t mean to spend all of your time in meaningless stuff…

Ok i get that the cooking and cleaning part is necessary!!

but that doesn’t mean that all of your life circle around that ,, organize your life and consider learning something new , finding a hobby..

there is a plenty of online content that will add some value to your life!

also read some books , educate your self and stop with nonsense matters..!

i hope that one day i will find some house wife who is spending her time in something useful…….

this my first post in English ! i hope you enjoyed reading…

share what you think in the comment below..

do you know any house wife who doesn’t waste her time??

follow me on instagram and share you comments there as well…



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